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Microsoft prepares its own Chromecast for Smart TV that will allow you to play with xCloud | lifestyle

Microsoft has been carrying xCLoud for nearly a year, trying to colonize all those areas where Sony has little advantage, persuading users to keep playing flow which Sony has not yet sufficiently exploited. And in these days of (virtual) E3 being celebrated, it looks like more news is coming about a service that has been in beta for months.

The company understands that we are “in the final stages of internal testing and We will update the experience for members [Game Pass] climax In the coming weeks”, which will entail a significant effort for all users to prepare their devices to start enjoying the good stuff. Whether it is on a mobile phone, tablet, computer or…

stick for tvs

Jump into our living rooms and our smart TV It will be done In two completely different ways. The first will be through an official application that will allow the game from the cloud, although the question remains how we will connect our gamepad to the TV, either directly, or thanks to some other type of connection. On Stadia, for example, your console is paired over Wi-Fi and connects directly to the server.

Xbox xCloud y Game Pass.

The other option they deal with from Microsoft is Upgrade your own HDMI dongle, la Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick, where it will also remain to be seen if its use will be limited to the xCloud game or if it arrives with other major claims, allowing us to install apps To see the platforms in flow, etc. For now, it seems clear that Microsoft has realized the importance of occupying this Smart TV area as well after landing, with guarantees, the rest of the windows.

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xCloud is a service that includes the Game Pass game catalog which, with some exceptions, It allows you to enjoy all the games available on any device, Without having to play Xbox (One or Series S and X) or PC. It is precisely in this aspect that Microsoft, in addition to those titles, can consider going forward by allowing us to play remotely from our console, making it easier to connect and continue to enjoy our progress for us from wherever we go . Just install it a stick HDMI to TV or download a file a program official. We’ll see if the Redmond guys make it official anyway.