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Apple sues a 14-year-old for hearing loss due to AirPods

Apple sues a 14-year-old for hearing loss due to AirPods

They have sued Apple for a “mistake” in their AirPods. Photo: Pexels.

A Texas couple sued apple claiming that his 14-year-old son suffered from “permanent hearing lossIn 2020, when his AirPods sounded so loud it tore one of his eardrums.

As detailed in the court file, accessed by Reuters, the minor was watching Netflix with iPhones and AirPods Pro, at low volume, when “Suddenly and without warning, Amber alarm sounded at a volume that tore his eardrumsdamaged the cochlea and caused serious damage to his hearing.”

They also indicated that, after the incident, the minor suffered from dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, and that You will need to wear hearing aids for the rest of your life.

In the complaint, they assert that “AirPos has no instructions for adjusting the alert volume or warnings that the volume may be so high that it could cause harm.” And that Apple was aware that its devices were reproducing very loud alerts, with user complaints about them going back to 2019.

The Amber Alert is part of the United States Government’s Emergency Notification Program, Which serves to alert citizens when the police are tracking a missing person in the area, in addition to providing other urgent notifications. This notification system is also in effect in other countries.

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