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Archbishop Stanis³aw Nowak has died.  The clergyman is 86 years old

Archbishop Stanis³aw Nowak has died. The clergyman is 86 years old

Reported by Catholic Information Agency, Archbishop Stanislav Novak was a priest for 63 years, of which he was bishop for 37 years. The priest died Sunday On December 12 at the age of 86.

Archbishop Stanislav Novak has died. In 1984 he was ordained bishop

Stanislav Novak was born on July 11, 1935, in Jesiorsani, Lapland. He graduated from public high school with King John III Sophiski of Krakow. He then entered the Major Seminary of the Krakow Assembly.

There he began his studies in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Jacqueline. He was ordained a priest by the Archbishop on June 22, 1958. Eugeniusz Baziak. Only then did he accept the motto of his priestly service. He chose the words of the saint. The Apostle Paul – “The love of Christ crushes us”.

Initially, he served as a vicar in Soxnia, near Wadovis, in Ludmiers, and in Rogosnik in Podale. From 1963-1979 he was pastor of Krakow Seminary, with a break to study theology at the Catholic Institute in Paris, where he received his doctorate. From 1971 he was head of the Theological Seminary of the Faculty of Theology in Krakow, and from 1981 he was head of the Faculty of Theology of the Theological Academy of Theology.

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In 1979 he became rector of the Great Seminary in Crago. In 1984, Pope John Paul II appointed him Bishop of Sestosova. He was ordained bishop by the Primate Cardinal of Poland. Joseph Klemp. From 1989-1996 he was the Chairman of the Marion Commission at KEP. In 2004, Pope John Paul II appointed him second vice president of the Immaculate Conception Pontifical Academy.

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In 2010, after reaching the age of 75, he resigned. In 2011, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Bishop Vagla Depo to replace him.

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