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Lechia Gdańsk - Jagiellonia Białystok.  Unexpected success of guests.  The best league

Lechia Gdańsk – Jagiellonia Białystok. Unexpected success of guests. The best league

Gdańsk’s hosts PKO Ekstraklasa have had a very successful first half of the season. After playing 17 league rounds, he finished third in the table, behind Lechia, Lech and Bogon Schsin. Two weeks ago, Tomas Kozmarek’s players were crushed by Portovko 5: 1, but a week ago they clashed with Rakov Sestochova (3: 1).

Prior to the match against Zagillonia, Lechia, who was in the bottom half of the league table, was considered a clear favorite. In the first minutes of the game, Cosmereck’s players were very diligent in fulfilling this role. Lechia caught the ball, exchanged a lot of passes from half of the rivals and he was able to take the lead in the 5th minute of the game.

After a corner kick, Bordeaux Cobax was in excellent form, but his header shot was perfectly saved by Powell Steinforce from close range. In the 26th minute of the match John Beaconsky scored a good shot and the goalkeeper of Zagielonia once again successfully intervened.

Lechia won, they tried to create new opportunities, and the goal was scored by Białystok’s guests. Dushan Kuziak started a corner from the corner, but failed to hit the ball, which bounced off both teams’ successive players. Taras Romanzuk, who pushed the ball into the empty goal, took advantage of considerable confusion in the penalty area of ​​the hosts.

However, shortly before the end of the first half, Jacquelonia’s defensive midfielder Cardinal made a mistake. Romanzuk fouled Flavio Poksovo in the penalty area, who made a superb effort and provoked the opponent’s illegal play. The injured man approached the ball a moment later and converted “eleven” for the equalizer for Lechia. This is the 97th goal already scored for Picasso in the PKO Extraclass.

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After turning the pages, Zagillonia attacked. In the 54th minute of the match, Bardos Pita completed a superb pass from Thomas Picrill, and with a skilled “cross” he headed the ball from Gdansk into the hosts’ net. Zagillonia regained the lead.

After a few seconds, Pita should enter the list of shooters for the second time. After a terrible mistake made by Christers Dobers, the sniper saw Jacqueline Dusan alone with Kuziak, but failed to beat the Slovak goalkeeper.

Lechia shook herself very quickly and began to search for the goal of equalization. Tomasz Kaczmarek’s players did their best, but Jagiellonia’s defense, led by Michał Pazdan, was excellent. Łukasz Zwoliński should have beaten her in the last seconds, but his shot hit the post.

Białystok’s guests were able to demonstrate a modest victory until the end of the competition, which allowed PKO to advance to ninth place in the Extraclass table. Lechia Gdańsk is the third team in the tournament.

Lechia Gdańsk – Jagiellonia Białystok: 1: 2 (1: 1)

Goals: Flavio Picchao (43) – Taras Romanzuk (35), Bardos Pita (54)

Yellow Cards: Petersack, KubikiRomansuk

Lechia Gdańsk: Dusan Kuciak – Rafał Pietrzak, Mario Maloca, Kristers Tobers (77. Mateusz Żukowski), Bartosz Kopacz – Jan Biegański (50. Jakub Kałuziński), Jarosław Kubicki (64) )

Zagillonia Pialistock: Powell Steinforce – Thomas Brickril, Michael Boston, Israel Puerto Rican, Bocton Mr, Bojan Nastik – Taras Romanzuk, Martin Bosbicil – Michael Naleba (69. Carol Strusky) – Bartos Pita (69. Bresmislov,)

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