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Vardeka's enemy is no longer in hiding.  He challenged him to a fight and bad words fell

Vardeka’s enemy is no longer in hiding. He challenged him to a fight and bad words fell

Author: Screenshot / YT Konopskyy / Facebook / FAME MMA
Konopsky invites Vardeka to fight!

Sylvester Vardeka is one of the biggest figures in the Polish Internet. He has been working on the web for many years, and he soon became a leading commentator channel from the very popular internet joker. No wonder he was a tasty morsel for the FAME MMA. He appeared twice in the bizarre fight angle, but each time he left the defeated cage. Its function is to prepare other creators to confront the Wattaha leader. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the confrontation between Wardęga and Konopski and the latter openly challenged rival rival!

Wardęga can safely be described as one of the creators of Polish YouTube. Already in 2012, he recorded videos that reached one million viewers, and the fact that his dog followed a giant spider and frightened passersby became a real success. At the moment, it has more than 180 million views, but the 32-year-old ended his mischievous career some time ago. He decided to focus on the role of the commentator in the corrupt internet life. Wardęga has become one of the most respected comment channels, and his pictures are very loud. Many influencers and female influencers have found out about this, including. Veronica “Verso”, Owl from team or former FAME MMA Champion, Adrian “Pollock” Polanski. The Wataha channel has more than a million users, and recently the Internet has been hit hard by a loud scandal starring the main characters “Lexiu”, “Konopskyy” and Wardęga. Konopski’s allegations against Lex from Team X upset the latter and the case turned into a confrontation between the two commentators.

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No doubt ahead of Norman Park FAME 13! They asked him about fighting with Boxtell and Cola, and he had a proposal


Are you going to watch the FAME 13 gala?

Konopsky challenged Vardeka to a fight

The whole “play” Konopski was announced as a new FAME MMA fighter. During a special conference, officials confirmed that Vardega had been signed to a new role. The creator, who previously lost to Cockpar Blonsky and Danny Ferreri, became one of the hosts of the shows before Freak Fight Colas. The Wattaha leader is currently undergoing a difficult rehab after a serious knee injury, but that does not stop him from planning his future. Although Wardęga vehemently rejects the third fight, fans want to find a solution in the octagon to the conflict with Konofsky. And the youngest of the creators invited his older friend to the fight!

Amadeus Ferrari said about his first time. He was 16 then and it was a real pleasure

In the last fight, Vardeka was brutally attacked by Danny Ferrero:

Mikołaj “Konopskyy” was a guest on the show, which aired live on the Konopski “Aferki” channel, and one of the owners was Michał “Boxdel” Baron, owner of FAME MMA. During the broadcast, he made a phone call with his rival, who had not yet been declared a rival in his first fight. In this conversation, there was also the question of a possible confrontation with Vardeka, and Gonopski’s strong response was beyond doubt.

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– Of course such a fight would be an option. I even told him at a special conference that he could hire a 0-3 record maker as he pleased – the internet creator was on fire.

Leaving the stage at the Fame MMA 11 in the massaged Vardega Clive