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Apple blossom in a duet with Julia Beatrucha

Apple blossom in a duet with Julia Beatrucha

Gwyad Japoni presented the fourth single from the album There can be nothing In the updated version. New version of the song Dear straight They recorded with Julia Petrucca.

Of course, Japoni wants to experiment with floral music. In March 2020, they renewed Vodimitaz Along with Ralph Kominski. The new, sound version received positive feedback from fans, reaching nearly 12 million views so far. Now it’s time for the song Dear straight. Will it be such a success? Vodimitaz?

Single new version Dear Simple

Updated, premiere of the sound version Straight roads It happened on July 22, 2021. New arrangement made American folk music style. As the artists explain, this style is very close to their heart. They invited not only Julia Beatrucha, but also the Krakow Street Band and Dorota Biosciaska to sing. Therefore, those who attended the audio version:

Kasia Sienkievich – voice, piano

Jacek Sienkievich – voice, mandolin

Julia Petrucca – Voice, Ukulele

Greskors Kowalski – bass guitar

Markin Ścierański – Drums

Torota Biosciaska – Violin

Śukasz Wiśniewski – harmonica, guitar

Simon Glekowicz – Tube

Radosva Mosurek – Trumpet

Krzysztof Chlipała – saxophone

Who is the Quiat Japan team?

Photo by Natalia Nasser

The Quiat Japoni Group was formed in 2018 Siblings Katarsina and Jacek Sienkievich. They do folk, pop, indie folk, indie pop, folk pop and electronics. They were introduced by song I’m going to bed late todayIt currently has over 29 million views on YouTube. First, the release of their first album Impossible On February 1, 2019, he confirmed their success and popularity. The record has been reached Dual platinum level. In November 2020, they returned with a new single There can be nothing, Which is a foretaste of the upcoming second album. On February 5, 2021, the long-awaited album with the same title as the song announced had its premiere. That is remarkable There can be nothing Reached Gold level – One of the best selling albums in Poland right now.

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Any version of the song Dear straight Did you like it yet? New – Sound or old?