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RCB Warning.  Storm warning SMS sent to residents of 12 Voicehips

RCB Warning. Storm warning SMS sent to residents of 12 Voicehips

“Attention! Tonight (24 / 25.06) storms, strong winds, heavy rains and hail. R.C.P. This explains why it was sent to residents of the provinces:

  • Silesian,
  • Low Polish,
  • போட்கார்பாக்கி,
  • Laplin,
  • Ęwiętokrzyskie,
  • Pomeranian (districts: Quitzin, Novotorsky, Stam),
  • Dź,
  • Masovian Voidoship,
  • Warmion-Masurian Voyotoship,
  • Botlasy,
  • Kuzhavsko-Pomorsky (Boviets: Alexandrovsky, Pratnika, Kolubsko-Toprzyasky, Krotziatsky, Innorokov, Lipno, Mogilno, Radzhovsky, Rybowski, Doros,
  • Opol.

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Do you know how thunderstorms behave?

RCB and IMGW warn against storms. The most violent will occur in the East

Meteorologists predict that storms will occur throughout the day in Poland, but not even at night. Rainfall is forecast, which could lead to local flooding, as well as strong gusts of wind, reaching speeds of up to 110 km / h.

“Today, storms are expected almost everywhere in the country, except in the northwest. Extreme intensities are expected in the eastern part of the country. […] From the southwest to the northeast of the country, it moves shallower than it reaches Masovs and Potlasi in the evening. Via Poland – from Warmia, through the Audi region to Lower Silesia, in front of a wavy atmosphere. In its east there will be hot and humid tropical winds, in the west – cold polar winds. Today, there are very favorable conditions for storm events to start, ”we read on Facebook Bursa-Warning-IMGW.

What can be done to stay safe during a storm?

The Government Center for Safety offers advice on what to do to stay safe during storms and floods. It refers to:

  • Remove all wind-blown objects from windows and yards,
  • Park cars in a safe place if they have previously been parked under trees or in a slump on the ground.
  • Close windows and doors,
  • Stay home if possible
  • If we are away from home, find a safe haven as soon as possible.
  • Do not park under trees,
  • Ensure the safety of your animals, especially outsiders,
  • Make replacement lights, e.g. Incandescent lights with spare batteries. Wind can damage electrical connections,
  • Be careful when driving, firstly limbs and trees can break, and secondly – when a shelter leaves the road in the open, there is a risk of blowing the car.
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The storm reached Warsaw, having previously passed through Auto