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mammatus cloud warsaw what it is

mammatus cloud warsaw what it is

Internet users flooded the network with photos of the capital’s sky. Unusual clouds can be seen in them. They are like the cows of a cow.

Mammoths on Warsaw

The so-called mammatus. These are swells located in the lower part of the cloud – mostly storm clouds, which resemble cows. Such an event could be a precursor to a storm.

Look at the storms

In the afternoon, evening and night storms return to southern, central and eastern Poland; They can be violent, with strong winds, heavy rain and hail – forecasts Mattus Parksik, IMWM Synoptic. The heat will continue in the southeast. It will be quiet in the northwest.

Parksik, of the Meteorological and Water Management Agency, told BAP that the storms would return in the afternoon on Thursday after passing through a part of the country in the morning. Initially local, they can certainly be violent. They will be accompanied by wind, heavy rain and hail. They are expected to be in the south, southeast, center, and then east.

It will be dangerous in the evening and at night when the next storms come over Poland from the Czech Republic. Over time, these events will weaken, but still with them, expect strong winds, rain and hail at 130km / h.

In addition, it will be hot on Thursday in the southeastern part of Poland, especially in the Laplin region and on the podcarpace. According to Parksik, the temperature will be over 30 degrees there, and even 34 degrees. It can be above 20 degrees at night.

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However, it is much quieter in northwestern Poland. According to IMGW Synoptic, the temperature there is very comfortable, around 20 degrees. Weather events will be mild there, he said. At night, thermometers show up at 15-16 degrees.