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Conference League: Bogos Schkesin - Osijek.  Direct protection and results

Conference League: Bogos Schkesin – Osijek. Direct protection and results

The Szczecin Club has a shameful record in European Cups. In the international arena so far in history (not counting the Interdodo Cup), he has played in only six matches, not winning anything, not even passing a round.

Pogo returns to competition at the European level after 20 years. Later, in the opening round of the UEFA Cup, he knocked out half-amateur Icelandic Filgir Reykjavik, with whom they lost 1: 2 at home, winning only 1-1 at home. Previously, UEFA Cup appearances ended with the elimination of FC Goyaln (1984) and Hellos Verona (1987).

In the conference league that started this year, “Portovici” drew NKOCJ in the second qualifying round. Croatia’s second place is the most sophisticated in Europe.

“They have qualified for international competitions in the last four seasons, which proves they are an experienced team. Besides, they dominate the Croatian league – they can stand up to Day Zagreb,” said Poko coach Costa Ranzaik.

The coach agreed to prepare the team for the new season in the context of competition at the European level. That’s why classes started earlier – now the team is already in its sixth week of training. The loads were also properly selected, taking into account the simultaneous start of the league and the conference league.

The first two-leg match against NKOCJ will take place in Szczecin.

“There are many indications that the current situation is acceptable to the entire audience. This is a big deal for us,” Poko captain Damien Deprovsky assured.

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Last season, the team from Osijek was taken over by former Bosnian coach Nanot Bijelica. He returned passionately to the club where he was a student, in which he played for several seasons. After taking over the team as a coach, he had the biggest win in the club’s history – the first runner-up. Zagreb was eight points behind Dinamo.

The Croatian league started the new season last weekend, with NK Osijek beat NHK Sipenik 3-0. Two goals were scored by Damien Bohr, former Jogi Lupine forward, and the third goal was scored by Argentina’s Ramon Mieris, the highest scorer in the Croatian league in previous matches and the team’s biggest star.

“It will not be an easy game for us. They are an experienced, quiet team. In the summer they practically do not change their order. Playing quickly from behind to forward, often in one touch. Mistakes he can take advantage of the opponent” – Ranjaik warned.

Debrovsky is a believer, for whom this is his debut as captain of “Portov”.

“We were in the same order as we were last season. We are not weak. The arrival of Pyotr Parsiek will pay off in the future. If we can play behind + zero it will be our advantage. When we did not reach a goal in the previous season, most matches ended with our victory” – Szczecin’s midfielder Said.

Bijelica acknowledged that she was happy to return to Poland and Szczecin, and that she respected Pogo, which in her opinion – is progressing every year. He also admitted that Szczecin fans should be grateful to him.

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“Before coming to Pogo, Costa Ranzaik asked me about the club and the league. I told him, he’s been here for many years to build a strong club. He’s a coach with great skills and a good man,” admitted Grotto.

The energy of the teams seems to be similar. After the draw, Bijelica admitted that his team had hit a potential rival.

“Of course we will not know the team that will make further progress after Thursday’s game” – admitted the Croatian coach 24 hours before the first game.

The absence of Mykes Kutcharsik will weaken the chase in the dive with Ozzyk. He has to serve the penalty of not appearing in five matches, which he received in 2018 after a red card in a game with Doodlaunch in Legia. Since then, Kuznetsov has not had the opportunity to play in European tournaments. He admits he hopes to play in the European Cups this season. For this to happen, Schkesin’s players must win the dive against NKOCJ, and in the next round they will face CSKA Sofia – FK. Lipaja should be better than winning the pair.

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