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Monster Slayer with unusual bug.  Some have already "finished" the game

Monster Slayer with unusual bug. Some have already “finished” the game

Mobile witches are already on track. Yesterday, a new witch product called CD Project, The Witcher: Monster Slayer, was released on mobile devices, and looking at the player ratings, it was a very successful introduction.

However, not everyone. Some users report an unusual bug in which, after killing the first monster, their character immediately progresses to 40, Writing level max, Get 200 points for the development of your character and get dozens of items like crackers and elixir. The error also prevents progress, because the overloaded character cannot pick up the item to complete the next story search. I myself fell victim to such a mistake:

Photo: Computer wiat

At this point, it seems that CD Project is not planning any top-down action on this issue. However, the company encourages you to contact the Help Center, No You must manually reduce the size of your wizard, which allows you to play normally:

You can see your ID on the Characters screen in the Friends tab (visible in the screenshot above) by selecting the Add Friends option.

Witcher reminds fans of the world that this is already in August The Witcher’s premiere: Wesemir starrer Bane of the Wolf.

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