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Natalia Kukulska remembered her mother.  "It's irreversible"

Natalia Kukulska remembered her mother. “It’s irreversible”

“On March 14, 1980, the irreversible happened. Memory, music, memories have been fighting for many of us for 42 years to be unforgettable. We are winning. Mom. Anna Jantar” – we read in the singer’s record, he was only four years old. Old on that sad day.

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Little Natalka was waiting for her mother with her grandmother, father and her agent. Dramatic information changed everything. The plane, which took off from New York, crashed, killing 77 passengers and 10 crew.

Natalia Kukulska and Anna Jantar

Kukulska recalled how his father and grandmother happily changed his childhood. – Dad did everything not to lose my mom, he tried to change her – he said in the pages of “Bani” magazine many years later.

However, the singer remembers some things related to her mother. – Once I crawled into her stuff and was burned by a curler. I fell asleep while she was lightly scratching and washing my back. She had red nails and she sometimes scratched me – she said in a 2007 interview.

Anna Dinner She was 29 when she died. – My mother’s memory is still vivid. Our conversation also proves that people are always important, that they remember her, that they listen to her songs – she “Viva!” – Not only that, his songs are still an element in the lives of many. And I still have the feeling that the love for my mother is passed down from generation to generation. It is constantly evolving. In these 40 years it will not be forgotten and its power will last – he added.

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In 2021, he wrote on Instagram that he would try not to come back often until he lost his mother. “Should it be so? Maybe … I believe that everything takes place in public life, but sadness, pain, and nostalgia will always be a silent companion. Thank you for the reminder. What a proof that her voice, message and talent build this strength. Let it continue “- we read.