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Poland to replace Russia in G20?  There was an offer on our part

Poland to replace Russia in G20? There was an offer on our part

“Russia has violated the rules of international cooperation by attacking Ukraine, which is the basis for its exclusion from the institutions that guarantee international economic and financial stability. Today it has no place in the G20 and the FSB. As the second fastest growing country in the world in the last 30 years, Poland deserves to be included in the G20 with all responsibility.“- Ambassador Catherine Thai Minister Pyotr Novak said during a meeting with the United States Representative for Trade.

In addition to talking about the G20, Pyotr Novak should also raise the topics of trade policy reform, access to raw materials and new technologies between the United States and the European Union.

Visit to the United States

Earlier on Monday, Novak met with Google vice president Karan Patia and talked to him about cyber security, the ministry said on Twitter.

MRiT has previously stated that the purpose of Novak’s talks with representatives of the US administration and international financial institutions and institutions is to deepen Polish-US economic cooperation, with an emphasis on innovative industries, including US investments in Poland, especially aerospace technology. Humanitarian assistance and support to Ukraine in the crisis caused by the Russian invasion is one of the most important topics of the planned meetings.

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