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Out of this world of drama!  Thriller of former leaders of the rankings

Out of this world of drama! Thriller of former leaders of the rankings

At the WTA Finals 2021 in Guadalajara, the nightly match between the former leaders of the rankings, Czech Carolina Bliskova and the Spanish Corbina Muguruza, turned out to be an exciting thriller. In the third set there was drama outside of this world.

Lucas Ivanek

Carolina Bliskova

Getty Images / Clive Prunskill / Photo: Carolina Bliskova

During the night session of the WTA Championship in Guadalajara, the only players who did not make their debut at the event clashed. Corbin Muguruza and Carolina Bliskova are the former leaders of the rankings. This is their third clash in the WTA final. In 2016 and 2017, she was the winner of the Czech female group stage. This first meeting was very dramatic. Bliskova recovered 0: 4 in the third set to save the match. This time the play was great too. Sec 4: 6, 6: 2, 7: 6 (6).

Bliskova, who forced a mistake and returned deep, gave the team a 2-0 break in the first set. She didn’t raise at 3: 0 because she made two double mistakes and gave up the pass. Both played with tension and made many mistakes. Muguruza was more willing to change rhythms and was more patient in business. Pliskova wanted to complete the operation quickly, but the attacks were in disarray, without proper preparation.

In the fifth game, Cesca eliminated three break points, but in the fourth game he threw the forehand. Mukurusa tried to pull it off, but to no avail, looking for solutions other than the strongest. She could show a shortcut, and she was good at the web as well. The Spaniard’s advantage grew as she returned to serve better. Assam was elevated to 4: 2. She had the advantage of her breakout without any problems. The set ended when Bliskov returned in the 10th game.

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Bliskov once again took a 2-0 lead in the second game. There was no sign of this, but Muguruza made a 40-0 pass. She faced two break points, but in the third she threw her back hand. The Spaniard allowed himself to be pushed to the defensive, she was not so solid in transfers and did not repeat the events because she was elevated to a well-served Czech 3: 0. Bliskova worked her legs well and was very careful. She quickly settled her games and added a break. In the eighth game, Muguruza faced two sets of balls, but in the third game he pushed his back into the net.

At the start of the third set, Bliskova made two big mistakes and sent the application back. She quickly recovered and equaled her 1: 1 with an amazing lead. In the third game, Cesca cleared the break point and then both players had their pass without any problems. There were some interesting exchanges crowned by talented plays, with mistakes dominating on both sides. Bliskova took more risk and sent more balls closer to the line, but he did not document this optical advantage because he was useless at critical moments or his opponent defended himself well.

In the end, both players enjoyed tough moments, but overcame them brilliantly. Muguruza would lose 3: 5, but he defended himself with a successful serve. Shortly afterwards, he hit a break point at 5: 4, but Bliskova chased him with a superb backhand. Emotions grew, and in the extreme end, the play was out of this world. In the 10th game, the Spaniard defended the first match ball with a slip, and his opponent wasted the second game, breaking his back. Shortly afterwards, she scored two break points at 6: 5, but this time the Czech defended herself. At the tie-break, Bliskova wasted the third game, but on the fourth occasion he reached his goal. The game ended with Muguruza missing the forehand.

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It was a scene that completely sweetened the lack of tennis beauty with the abundance of drama. Such aggressive tennis players found it difficult to adapt to city conditions at an altitude of more than 1,500 meters above sea level. Bliskova sent 26 final strokes with 45 unforced errors. Muguruzi won by 25 balls directly and by 43 errors. The duo blasted eight aces in a match that lasted two hours and 26 minutes. The Czech defended seven of the 10 break points and scored four breaks.

Bliskova increased the draw of all matches against Muguruza to 9-2. This is the fifth time in a row that he has reached the WTA final. He has reached the semifinals three times so far. The Spaniard marks his fourth start in the Championship. In 2015 (his debut) he left the group. Muguruza had 10 consecutive wins at Mexico City. At Monterrey, he won two titles (2018, 2019).

WTA Finals, Guadalajara (Mexico)
Tour Championship, Hard Court, $ 5 million prize money
Wednesday, November 10

Single game:

Theodhihookhan Group

Carolina Bliskova (Czech Republic, 3) bt Corbin Muguruza (Spain, 6) 4-6 6-2 7-6 (6)

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