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Fifina’s “Top Model”. Nerves in the film photo session and casts in the helicopter. Micha Pirg will rescue a person

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The end of the tenth edition of “Top Model” is fast approaching, which will again select the best model. In the 11th episode, six participants fought to qualify for the final three. Who attended the Mercedes-Benz Brock Fashion Week? Participants had to deal not only with stress but also with fear of heights. The jury removed two, but Michał Piróg recovered one of them.

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Carolina Bizarre had a confrontation with Jonah Grupa. They met in the “top model”. “I was surprised”

“Top Model” Semi-Final. Czech Fashion Week and a session on the helicopter

The first task participants will face is to take a photo of Prague in the background. Three symbols of inspiration Czech culture: Eva Hershikova, Helena Vondrakova and Karolina Bliskova. Models and models joined together in pairs. The match was won by Veronica and Mikolaj.

Prior to the casting for Mercedes-Benz Brock Fashion Week, participants were trained not only in proper posture but also in speaking English.

Today your “should be, or should not be” – said Katarzyna Sokołowska.

Mikołaj soon found himself in the role of a mentor and showed excellent orientation in the field. Veronica, Dominica and Cocker were in big trouble as they messed up the streets on their way to designer Vanda Zanda.

Phone creation. We don’t know where the East, West, North, South are – Veronica agreed.

At that point, it turned out that the designer did not like Veronica’s walking and moving her hands. She was delighted with Nicole compared to a super model. Due to his unfamiliarity with the Czech language, Cochrane was unable to control his nerves. Participant also forgot to mix with photos.

You can see those veins. This language, too, I was nervous not to say anything – admitted.

Nicole guaranteed him six shows and Zulka – five. Dominica won two of them. Mikołaj was invited to two shows. Cockpar and Veronica each won one show.

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Interested models also experienced great emotions during the film photo session on the helicopter. Fear of heights spoke to Dominica, who did not hide her horror. Julia found herself in this task and delighted the photographer with her courage. She was honest for a moment.

The biggest challenge in life is to understand who I am. It’s true that I like women too. I knew my dad’s opinion so I thought he would not accept it. I didn’t accept myself because I was worried about what someone would think – she agreed.

“Top Model”. Finalists of the tenth edition of the program

Czech supermodel Daniela Pestova was the guest of the last episode before the final. Jonah Grupa admits that Daniela has been his idol for a long time. This week, Nicole won. Eventually, the two ended their adventure with the project, Cockpar Jasinsky and Veronica Son. Micha Birk gave Cocker a chance.

In the final, we will see five people, not three: Nicole Akonchong, Julia Sobczyńska, Dominika Wysocka, Mikołaj Krawiecki and Kacper Jasiński.