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Archer Thomas Cherault, the first Picard to compete in Tokyo on Friday

Olympic Games

Archer Thomas Chiraault will be the first Picard to enter the competition in Tokyo on Friday morning (6 hours in French), marking the men’s individual and team shooting series. Qualifying with the French national team during the TQO in Paris last June, the 23-year-old Samaritan, a native of Arvillers, hears it all”
Do everything to get the chest
in the Japanese capital.

It can create a surprise because its intrinsic level is too high

National Technical Director Benoit Benon continues about the licensee at Stade Clermontois but training at INSEP in Paris. If Cherult is playing his first Olympics in Japan, the French team is not on new ground.

On the heels of Jean-Charles Valladonte (32), the 2016 Rio silver medalist, the French delegation, also made up of Pierre Plehoun (31), the last member of the male trio, is aiming for at least one medal. In the absence of the women’s team, Lisa Barbelin, 21, will defend France’s chances as well in singles. Barbelin and Velladont will also participate in mixed doubles, a new event at the Olympics.

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playing card

In the men’s, behind South Korea double world champion Kim Woo Jin and US No. 1 Brady Ellison, the French have a card to play. ”
We are ambitious while staying clear. We will not demand everything like the South Koreans. The goal set by the Federation is a medal, but we have an ambition. It will be necessary to show opportunism
Benoit Benon explained. Vice World Champion in 2017, the trio will have to stay on based on their recent performance: third place twice at the end of June at Charletti during TQO and then on the final World Cup stage.

In addition, the one-year postponement allowed Jean-Charles Valladot to qualify for his third Olympic Games, after a complicated 2020: “

Today we modified the papers. We get to zero on this earth (Olympic site).
“Pierre Plehon, who is also in Rio, advanced confident, believing in his view, that the French”
Ability to be in teams and individually
I answer on Friday.