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Argentine President Javier Miley was inspired by Carl Bildt

Javier Miley’s best advisors are his dogs

Javier Maile calls himself an anarcho-capitalist.  And now he is the president of Argentina.

How many dogs does the new president of Argentina own? It’s not entirely clear. According to the President himself, he has six – only the first one is dead, and the rest are clones of the original.

A deceased dog is important. Miley usually talks to his dog through an intermediary, and during one of these conversations the dog asked Javier Miley to run for president.

Then he went on as he had gone. The new Argentine president was sworn in on Sunday.

They want to abolish the state

Miley is anarcho-capitalist. He wants to abolish the state and specifically fund things like defense, police forces, and health care. But this is mostly in theory – in an interview with The Economist, Miley admits that it might be difficult to abolish statehood within one term.

This does not prevent Miley from achieving high ambitions. The president plans to get rid of the country’s central bank and introduce the US dollar as the official currency in the battle against triple-digit inflation.

As for the school system, Javier Maile has a clear idea. He says he was inspired by a Swedish politician Even The EconomistUnfortunately, he doesn’t remember his name but he did really good things in the 1990s when the free school system was introduced.

Javier Miley has Carl Bildt as a political role model.

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I love charter schools

Miley does not seem to have kept up with the ongoing Swedish controversy very well. He certainly did not notice that the bourgeois parties themselves are now declaring that The reform was a failure. He seems to think that Sweden was satisfied with establishing a modest number of 40 independent schools.

Regardless of the details, what many say is that the Swedish free school system is praised by anarcho-capitalists.

In defense of Carl Bildt, Miley is not his overall image. Bilt never waved chainsaws at campaign meetings to envision his deep cuts in government spending. And Bilt, like Miley, never expressed those political conflicts He won, with God’s help More than anything else. Having said that, moderates themselves would have benefited from divine intervention right about now, given the opinion numbers. The failed free school system and PISA results do not help.

Javier Maile has called his dogs “the best strategists in the world.” If they were the ones who convinced him of Carl Bildt’s greatness, that would explain a lot.