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Chase in focus on the party aiming for the European Parliament

Chase in focus on the party aiming for the European Parliament

The European Parliament in Strasbourg. Photo: Genevieve Engel

A new party focusing on rural issues was formed in France. The purpose, in their view, is to protect rural interests – such as agriculture, fishing and hunting.

Leader Willy Schrein also says he wants to ease the “administrative burden” created by EU institutions in Brussels, which is “suffocating” rural communities in the EU.

The name is L’Alliance Rurale, and the candidates on the list include a rugby player, the president of the Paris Butchers’ Union and a bullfighting advocate.

Critics in France believe that the new party is only beginning to steal votes from Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party.

Willy Schrein, who also leads the fishermen’s lobby in France, claims they are not looking to steal votes from Le Pen, but are staunchly pro-European.

We have a conservative side, we cannot deny that, but we are not extremists. “We want Europe to return to focusing on its core mission of preserving peace and freedom,” added Schrein. POLITICO At the launch party.

Sherine announced that he was looking for allies and said that his new party would not sit with any of the political groups present in the European Parliament. Instead, they want to form a new political group that brings together like-minded peasant parties.

The launch of a party focusing on rural areas follows a pattern that has also occurred in the Netherlands and Ireland.

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