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At least seven people have been killed in tornadoes in the US – more storms are on the way

And in Sullivan County, Indiana, there were three fatalities. Emergency Services Chief Jim Birtle announced Sunday that homes were destroyed by the storm and several people were missing in the main town of Sullivan.

Local media reports said damage in the southern part of the city was extensive.

The roof of the theater was demolished

At least one person has been killed and several others injured after a tornado ripped off the roof of a hard rock concert in Illinois on Friday night.

260 people gathered when the roof of a theater in Belvedere City collapsed. At least one person has died and about 30 have been injured, according to emergency services.

According to an initial assessment, the roof collapsed due to a tornado moving through the city, the police state.

– Chaos, utter chaos, describes the chief of police Shane Woody situation immediately.

There were also reports of deaths, injuries, power outages and material damage after severe storms from several other states.

Take cover in the toilets

On Friday, a tornado devastated parts of the Arkansas capital, Little Rock. Authorities say at least one person was killed and about 30 injured, some seriously.

Significant material damage was reported on the outskirts of the city, and television images show dozens of shredded roofs. All flights at Clinton National Airport were canceled and passengers and staff were ordered to seek temporary shelter in restrooms and other safe areas.

In the town of Wayne in northeastern Arkansas, two people have died.

New weather warnings

In at least 15 states, meteorologists have warned of storms in the coming days. Weather warnings have been issued for tornadoes like the one that killed more than 20 people in Mississippi a week ago.

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– There will be many thunderstorms, hurricanes, strong winds and hailstorms, he says Victor Jensenya meteorologist from Illinois, told the Associated Press.

This also applies to Chicago, which is rarely hit by hurricanes.

In addition, authorities are warning in four states, from Texas to New Mexico, of high fire risks with drought and high temperatures accompanied by strong winds.