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One year after the Butja massacre: “We will never forgive”

One year after the Butja massacre: “We will never forgive”

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces advanced to Butja on 27 February.

Heavy fighting continues for several days, making it difficult to evacuate civilians, and on March 12, Ukrainian authorities confirmed that Russian forces had now taken control of the city.

Russian withdrawal

But at the end of March, Russia suddenly announces that it will “regroup” and Russian troops begin to leave the occupied regions outside of Kiev.

On March 31, Ukrainian forces entered Botica and the next day, the Ukrainian army announced that the city had been recaptured.

First photos

The next day, April 1, shocking images of the newly liberated city began to circulate. When international media are allowed in, they are met with executions, torture and mass graves.

All along the streets civilians are being shot, and when the SVT arrives in Butja on April 4, you will see with your own eyes the atrocities committed during the occupation.

– There are no words, says the correspondent of SVT Ukraine, Bengt Norburg, during his visit to the city.

Tortured people

Kiev prosecutors estimate that Russian soldiers killed about 1,400 civilians in Butja, and many of the surviving residents are still deeply traumatized. Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk told Reuters that residents are now trying to get rid of memories of the past year by rebuilding their city.

– It is in the heart, soul and thoughts of every resident, says Fedoruk.

See the images of SVT and other journalists from Butja that have caused panic around the world in the video above. Warning of very unpleasant images in the feature.