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Glaciers are melting – now the Alps want to introduce ski classes

Updated on 02-20-2024 10.45 | Published on 2024-02-19 09.54

Freigerferner Glacier at Gamsspitzl near Innsbruck, Austria.  Here, the glacier has split into two parts, both of which are hollow, indicating that warm air could flow across the bottom of the glacier, eventually causing the snow cover to collapse.

70 percent snowfall in the Pyrenees.

In the Alps, snow cover is reduced by 40 percent.

Ski resorts now want to introduce a quota system for skiers.

In 50 years, snow cover in the Alps has decreased by 50 percent.

Hundreds of ski resorts in Italy have been forced to close, P4 Extra reports. Above all, it concerns slopes below 1,500 metres.

Now more skiers are forced to pile into the remaining snow as large glaciers begin to melt.

Dominic Winter, who works with Our winter protection in the UKThe non-profit organization is run by young people advocating for climate action, the website said Innews:

– Some are now discussing whether it is worth starting winter sports. Recently, former Olympic skater Chimmy Alcott said she was worried about her sons' future in skating and that professional skating would not be able to continue as it had been.

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