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Pictures show soldiers withdrawing from Avdiivka

Pictures show soldiers withdrawing from Avdiivka

The Russians now control the entire city of Avdiivka and the Russian flag hangs in the center of the city.

The violent battles in the city took a turn during the weeks in favor of the Russians after they penetrated its built-up areas in the south and north. The Russians, who had tried in vain to encircle Avdiivka, finally seemed on the verge of success.

The Ukrainians announced on Friday that they had withdrawn first from their positions in the south, and hours later they had withdrawn from the entire city.

Details: Heavy and bloody

Videos uploaded by remaining Ukrainian soldiers show intense Russian bombing and fighting in several directions. The Russians are said to have particularly targeted defenders in the city's coke factories.

Soldiers told Ukrainian media that the withdrawal in some parts was disorganized and panic-inducing. The retreating Ukrainians are said to have been pursued by Russian artillery fire.

Many of them recount how they saw their comrades killed and bear witness to the captives and equipment they left behind.

The Ukrainian army confirmed that “in the final stage of the operation, under pressure from the dominant enemy forces, a number of Ukrainian soldiers were captured.” Sunday.

Many residents mention Independent Kyiv They believe that the retreat was bloodier than necessary. According to them, it is difficult to understand why this did not happen earlier.

The number became unclear

The exact number of Ukrainian and Russian losses while fighting for the city is unknown. Ukraine says more than 47,000 Russian soldiers have been wounded and killed since October 10, a number that cannot be verified.

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By comparison, an American did so appreciation In mid-December it was claimed that more than 13,000 Russians were killed and wounded at Avdijivka.