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She appeared topless in Red Square – pursued by Putin

Lolita Bogdanova.

Lolita Bogdanova, 24, from Makeyivka, Ukraine calls herself Lola Bunny on Onlyfans.

In 2021, she posted a video online in which she stuck out her tongue and appeared topless in front of St. Basil's Cathedral on Moscow's Red Square, one of Russia's most iconic sites.

Bogdanova later apologized if she offended religious figures with the video, saying someone else had posted it. She was not arrested at the time, but she signed an agreement not to leave Russia until the investigation into the case was completed.

However, the 24-year-old is believed to have been abroad since Russia invaded her native Ukraine. Bogdanova has now been included on the list of people wanted by Russia internationally. The Kremlin confirms that she is wanted for a “crime.”

The singer was arrested because of a sock on a cock

The move by the Russian Interior Ministry, which was revealed by the pro-Russian news site Redovka, is seen as part of a crackdown by Russian authorities on public acts deemed to violate traditional and moral values.

Singer Maxim Tesli from the band The Puppies was arrested last month after wearing only a sock over his genitals during a concert at a club in Moscow. The sock also fell off during the party.

Tesli was sentenced to ten days in prison.

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