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Police want to get more people to talk about fraud with the elderly

Police want to get more people to talk about fraud with the elderly

Elder fraud remains at a high level, and police are now urging more people to get involved in crime prevention.

This week, police are taking the next step in their “Don’t Try to Fool Me” crime prevention initiative. Police want to encourage more people to talk about fraud to help their loved ones protect themselves from crime that pays big on crime and creates insecurity among the elderly. The initiative targets those who have elderly people in their vicinity. Perhaps a mother, grandmother, grandfather, girlfriend, or someone who meets seniors in their profession.

– The new article is an important complement to the crime prevention series. Don’t try to cheat me. The idea is that now, by targeting those close to the elderly, we should be able to engage more people in the crime prevention conversation and thus contribute to protecting the most vulnerable members of the digital society. Older people, 80 and older, are an age group that is particularly vulnerable to fraud through social manipulation, says Lotta Moritzson, Crime Prevention Coordinator, National Fraud Center, NOAA.

The new initiative consists of short films that show cases of fraud that can occur at home, in the city and online. Movies (approximately 1 minute in length) and conversational evidence can be used to support talk of scams.

– Personal conversation with ideas has been shown to be an effective way to learn how to act in various fraud situations. This is evidenced by the experience “Try not to deceive me”, which was organized several years ago by associations of pensioners and volunteers in the police. The new material is simple and clear and can be used by relatives and people who work with associations of seniors and retirees, says Lotta Moritzon.

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The material consists of:

  • 3 movies about scams in the city, online and at home
  • 1 Conversational guide with questions and tips from the police

Tre friends:

  • Tips and advice on how to prevent theft and fraud that occur in and around your home.
  • Tips and advice on how to prevent theft and fraud that occur in a public environment.
  • Tips and advice on how to prevent fraud online, over the phone or by email.

Don’t try to cheat me

The original meeting package is an item produced in collaboration with PRO, SPF Seniorerna and Brottsofferjouren. This material is designed to be used in meetings where the meeting leader directs participants to discussions about fraud cases and how to act to avoid exposure to crime. The initiative was awarded the EUCPN Award for Best Crime Prevention Project in 2016.

Don’t try to cheat me