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Russia may scrap the Peter the Great ship

Powered by two nuclear reactors, Peter the Great is the flagship of the Russian Navy.

Putin said that the ship “has no equal in the world.”

Now it can be cancelled. Expensive repairs.

One of the Russian Navy’s giant ships, the Pyotr Veliky – or Peter the Great in Swedish – may be scrapped. Expensive repairs. This was stated by a source in the Russian Navy to the state-controlled Russian News Agency TASS.

– Currently, the case of withdrawing Peter the Great from the fleet is being investigated. It seems that the experience of repairing and modernizing the Admiral Nakhimov of the same type has shown that this is very expensive.

TASS could not obtain officially confirmed information.

Peter the Great during an exercise near Saint Petersburg in July 2006.
Peter the Great during an exercise near Saint Petersburg in July 2006.

Admiral Nakhimov – the sister ship of Peter the Great – is under repair. According to TASS sources, the ship is expected to be back in service by 2024, but it is questionable whether this schedule is realistic. Reports say that reforms have been going on since 1999 and have had to be postponed countless times Barents monitor. The idea was for Peter the Great to take over the site at the Severodvinsk shipyard once the repairs were completed.

Part of the Northern Fleet

Peter the Great is 25 years old and he is the flagship of the Northern Fleet of Russia. Powered by two nuclear reactors, it is the largest warship in the world, excluding aircraft carriers.

It is part of the so-called Kirov class, the planning of which actually began during the Soviet era. But the ships in the series did not begin to be launched until 1996. Originally, the ship was to be named Yuri Andropov (after the General Secretary of the Communist Party), but it was changed after the late collapse of the Soviet Union. 1991, he writes Newsweek.

The British wrote that Putin was on board in 2013 the sun. Then he addressed a crew of more than 700 men. Among other things, he said that it was a battleship that “has no equal in the world” and that “the cruiser has distinguished itself again and again during long sea voyages.”

Peter the Great in the port of Severomorsk.
Peter the Great in the port of Severomorsk.

The name moves to a new submarine

But the name won’t be free for long according to the sources TASS. It will command one of the submarines in the new Borey-A class.

– When the cruiser Pyotr Veliky is withdrawn from the fleet, the strategic nuclear submarine of the Borey-A project will inherit this name, says the anonymous source.

The new submarine will become the flagship of the submarine division of the Russian Northern Fleet, according to TASS. But this has not been officially confirmed either.