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He told about Russian losses – he was sentenced to seven years in prison after wiretapping

On March 9, 2022, Sergey Klokov, an employee with the rank of captain of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, speaks with his relatives and colleagues on the phone, writes in Russian. BBC.

during the three conversation Klokov is said to have said that Russian forces killed babies and destroyed maternity care centers. Klokov is also said to have said that Ukraine is not ruled by the Nazis and that Russian forces suffered heavy losses in Ukraine, he writes. Medizona and human rights organisation OVD information.

According to the Prosecutor General, Klokov should have called what was happening in the Crimea a genocide.

And rule on Monday The Moscow District Court sentenced Klokov to seven years in prison after intercepting the phone calls and submitting the transcripts as evidence in court. Klokov was arrested nine days after the talks took place.

The court cited a law passed on March 9 last year, which punishes “dissemination of false information about the military forces of the Russian Federation under the guise of true information.”

Sergei Klokov’s lawyer alleged that the wiretap was carried out without permission and that Klokov was wiretapped in connection with the security police looking for evidence of another crime.

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