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Banning breaths: may result in a fine of SEK 3,000

Banning breaths: may result in a fine of SEK 3,000

Banning breaths: may result in a fine of SEK 3,000

One of Europe’s most popular tourist cities is now facing hefty fines for taking selfies.

This announcement will be a cold shower for many tourists ahead of the busy tourist season that is upon us now as millions and millions of Europeans are expected to start their holidays.

Oprah Winfrey and the Kardashians

It revolves around the picturesque, jet-setting town of Portofino, which with its colorful and luxurious residences attracts large numbers of visitors every year.

However, the city itself doesn’t have much of a population at all. Only 500 people live in Portofino, located on the northwest coast of Italy, near France.

The city often attracts stars like Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashian family, and Oprah Winfrey, who love to take selfies in droves.

hanging out

But Portofino residents are now tired of all the queues that appear when visitors stop and take selfies all the time.

– The city on the Italian Riviera has imposed a ban on stopping and queuing in certain places.

The reason is that they want to prevent tourists from walking around popular viewpoints to take selfies, reports BBC News.

The mayor is upset

Anyone who does not follow the rules and insists they stop taking selfies will now be fined heavily.

– You can be fined up to €275 if you stop for too long, says the TV channel.

This corresponds to about SEK 3,100.

The mayor of Portofino strongly condemns the tourist selfie hysteria, which creates traffic jams that disturb ordinary residents.

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– Chaotic chaos, says Mayor Matteo Fiacava.

The so-called selfie ban was introduced over the Easter holidays.

Exception in the morning

The plan is for the ban to be seasonal and in effect through October.

But there’s still a chance to take selfies even in Portofino’s most popular spot – even during the busy summer months.

But then you have to be an early riser.

– The rules will apply starting at 06:00 am, according to BBC News.

Tigers and bears

There are additional places around the world where selfies are already banned.

The United States, France and the United Kingdom imposed similar bans on some limited sites.

New York and California have banned people from taking selfies inside zoos and areas where wildlife and dangerous animals may be in the background.

– For example, tigers and bears, the BBC reports.

Another place where selfies are prohibited is the Tower of London, including buildings where the British Crown Jewels are kept.

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