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Chaos at a Swedish hotel in Albania: ‘Dig the pool to pieces’.

Early Friday morning, chaos broke out at the Apollo Hotel Prestige Resort in Albania.

About 50 Swedes were able to see how the hotel area was demolished by excavators.

– People are cut off, there are police and roadblocks, says the traveler Johann.

The Albanian four star hotel is described in Apollos As a resort to stay in with the best location: “The hotel has a large pool area overlooking the sparkling water.”

Johan and his wife stayed at the hotel for five days and enjoyed a cool dip in the pools.

But early on Friday morning, they realized the hotel area had finished showering.

– We woke up to bloody pits outside the window, he says.

Johann looked out the window and saw to his amazement how huge machines were digging the pond and parts of the hotel grounds.

– Cut people. It’s a mess here, the police and the cordon, the TV crews and the journalists. Then there are the Apollo employees trying to find new hotels for the residents.

Even Swede Melker and his girlfriend were kept hidden in the hotel room while the chaos continued outside.

– They told us to stay away. He says they are still digging there and continues:

– I woke up at seven this morning from something that screamed like hell. “What the hell is this?” I thought. Then, when we were having breakfast, there were 50 policemen standing around the pools. The hotel staff stood up and cried, not knowing where to go.

“A difficult situation”

According to Johan, no official explanation has been given as to why the resort’s large machinery was destroyed.

– But there is talk that the owner of the hotel is against the government. The current government decided that because the owner’s political position is not commensurate with theirs.

– If so, it is very dangerous, he says.

He says the trip to Albania was a last minute trip but they will never come back.

– Tomorrow we are flying home, he says, and we have to finish the conversation, the potholes have intensified and we can no longer hear each other.

Melker is also concerned about the situation.

– You have heard how Albania is becoming more and more attractive to tourists, but you still feel a little worried. What if something happens to us, you never know if there will be a shooting or something. He says it is a difficult situation.

UD: There is no crisis situation

According to Apollo Press Director Sandra Miller King, about 50 Swedes live in the hotel and are now working to get the situation under control.

– We have close contacts with the hotel and the authorities, and we have staff on site in Albania that you can contact if you are concerned. We do our best to solve this problem.

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Apollo does not know what is behind the resurrection.

– From what I understand, it is a form of damage to the swimming pool. It’s not fun, it’s a pool less to use. But as far as we know, nothing threatening happened. We follow the development and try to make sure that the guests have a good time.

The State Department writes in an email to Aftonbladet:

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of an incident at a hotel in Albania, but has no information to indicate that it is a case of a consular crisis. Affected travelers with questions should contact their tour operator.