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Guns pointed at the head of the former president of Argentina

“A man put a firearm in her head and fired,” President Fernandez says, adding that no shots were fired.

Several TV channels in Argentina showed footage of the man pulling his rifle and pointing it at Kirchner’s head at close range as she got out of the car outside her home in Buenos Aires.

Since last week, several hundred people have gathered outside Kirchner’s home to protest. Kirchner is accused of corruption and prosecutors are calling for a 12-year prison sentence and a life ban from politics.

Alberto Fernandez described the incident as an assassination attempt in a televised address.

Photo: YouTube/AFP

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner He is one of the most famous people in Argentina. She was the country’s first lady alongside her husband, Nestor Kirchner from 2003 to 2007. In the 2007 elections, she ran and won herself, after which she ruled the country as president for two terms until 2015.

Since 2019, the 69-year-old has been Argentina’s Vice President and Senate President as well. As such, it enjoys parliamentary immunity.

A verdict is expected at the end of the year and even if she is found guilty, it is not certain that she will end up in prison. She could face jail time after a Supreme Court decision or if she loses her Senate seat in the election at the end of next year.

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