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Były prezydent USA Donald Trump złożył w poniedziałek pozew w sądzie federalnym, domagając się uniemożliwienia przesłania dokumentów z czasu jego prezydentury komisji Kongresu, prowadzącej śledztwo w sprawie szturmu na Kapitol 6 stycznia.

Attack on the Capitol. Trump has filed a lawsuit to block access to documents

Former US President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit in federal court on Monday, demanding that the Congress committee investigating the January 6 attack on Capitol be barred from submitting documents from his presidency.

Trump’s case relates to a request made in August by the Special Commission of Inquiry into the National Archives to access a wide range of documents relating to the activities and contacts of the President and his allies before and after January 6th. According to the commission, these documents are intended to answer questions about the participation of presidential advisers in the organization and the coordination of dramatic events.

Behind Trump’s lawyer Jesse In this case, he is accused of “harassing” the former president, Arguing that the purpose of the requested documents was “unprecedented”, had no clear connection with the case under investigation and “not related to any legitimate legal purpose”.

The commission’s proposal … aims to launch an unconstitutional inquiry into President Trump and his administration … and our laws will not allow such vicious, blatant actions against the former president and his close advisers. – It was written in the case.

Trump refers to the so-called “executive power” established by legal practice, the right of the president to refuse to hand over documents, in order to maintain the confidentiality of decisions made by the head of state. Usually, however, it is explained that it is only relevant to the current president. President Biden, however, did not object to sending the documents.

Trump’s case is another attempt by those under investigation to complicate the work of the House of Representatives. Last week, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon refused to testify, citing the executive ‘offer. He did so despite the fact that he was not properly employed at the White House in the wake of the riots. In response, the Commission for January 6 wants to report him to the prosecutor’s office, accusing him of not complying with the law.

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The commission’s chairman, Democrat Benny Thompson, did not rule out the possibility that the former president would also be called to testify.

Attack on the Capitol. The officer was charged with obstructing the investigation