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Cessa Michnevich near the liberation of Legia Warsaw? Lech Bosnoy defends legend coach after extraclass match

The extraclassa season is long overdue, and Cessa Michnevich’s status in Legia Warsaw is low. Interestingly, this coach keeps his supporters not only in the capital, but also in the city of the biggest league rival, namely Bosno. This is about Pyotr Reese.

Legia – Lech. Lost a major fight

After the game, which was played on October 17, Goliaths’ living legend took the coach to safety. Lech was the winner in the 11th round, maintaining a good form given from the start of the match. The only goal was scored by Michael Ishaq. Sweden then scored from the penalty spot, but he failed to beat Cocker Tobias. The result, however, was his confrontation with Rafa Lopez.

Of course, Mishnevich tried to turn the game around with tactical and staff changes, but even the introduction of Lirim Castradi, Tomas Beckard or Philip Maladenovic did not help the hosts.

Piotr Reiss defends Csesław Michniewicz

Despite the military’s sensational results in the Europa League, the defeat has angered many fans who believe Michnevich should be released. Piotr Reiss completely disagrees with this approach.

– Nerve movements do not get a good result. If the Legia management is patient enough, I hope Cheziu Michnevich will steer the team in the right direction. The bosses have to show this patience because the team is playing well in the Europa League, thanks to their strong team leader and their success they are making money for the club. So they do some work – former striker Portal Sport. Said in an interview with Pl.

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Lech’s legend about Darius Myodowski

In addition, he commented on the behavior of Darius Myodowski, who recently played as a presenter at Stanislaw Cercezo’s club during the match against Leicester City. Both sides argued that there was no way the Russian could return to the Legia coaching bench, and similar rumors came from Sajiankovskaya. Reyes did not like all this.

– It is very weak. So much! I do not understand how the President can bring him to a training center while someone else is working. I don’t know what’s in the head of the people who manage Legia, but it’s definitely not the way to motivate players. Here you have to show that you are behind your current employees, behind these employees – he assessed.

Currently, Legia is 15th in the table (one above the exhaust zone), and Lech loses 15 points to first place. However, he still has two games left.

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