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Victoria Kozievska Topless Pose.  On a hot day the star benefits

Victoria Kozievska Topless Pose. On a hot day the star benefits

Victoria Kozievska is an actress, well known among others From the role of Agatha in the TVB series “”, where he co-starred with Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Tomasz Karolak and Maciej Musiał. It is also very active on social media – Currently, he has a million followers on Instagram. The young actress decided to show off her body by posting a webless photo on the internet.

Victoria Kozievska is upside down in the sunlight. Internet users are delighted

Victoria Kozievska knows how important it is to keep Instagram active, and that’s why He often publishes photos from film collections and his personal life. This time she covered her breasts with her hands and showed off without a bra. Artist Enjoy the hot weather and a day off for work. In a short post, he wrote:

Fans did not hide their admiration for his figure and beauty. Influencerka received an exceptionally warm welcome. In the comments, Internet users wrote:

The rest of the article can be seen under the video:

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Wiktoria Gąsiewska added a new photo Late breakfast. Celebrity She made green guacamole, snacks, lettuce and herbal tea.

Victoria Kozievska Topless Pose. The actress is enjoying the holidays

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