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Poland - England.  The British accused the Poles of racism.  What's going on?  L.  World Cup

Poland – England. The British accused the Poles of racism. What’s going on? L. World Cup

From the start of the match, the Poles played with great commitment, which often resulted in a difficult game. This tactic turned out to be very effective because in the end the English did not create many dangerous situations for themselves and only attracted PGE Narodov. The environment around the game is definitely not quiet.

Sensational reports indicate that the England coaching staff will have to intervene with FIFA Commissioner Joao Morris during the break. The allegations are very serious because Polish rivals reported on the racist behavior of Polish soldiers.

Poland – England. The British accuse the Poles of racism

After the melee on the pitch, the whole situation regarding the complaint of the UK staff took place during the break of the meeting. Polish Football Association spokesman Jakub Kyatkovsky, in an interview with Onet Sports, argues that reports of polar racist behavior are not true.

The British tried to “spin the smoke” during the break. They did not name anyone, but they went to judge accusing him of racist insult. This is pyramid nonsense because nothing like that happened. There was a commotion, the competition commissioner went to the judges, and then the title was closed. There is a video of the match, I do not know what is written in the report of the FIFA commissioner and referees. “Depending on where we are, we will face disciplinary action and FIFA’s investigation,” said Jacob Kwatkovsky.

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A spokesman for the Polish Football Association, who was close to Polish coaching staff during the match and had direct contact with the players during the break, strongly emphasized that there was no connection between the information and the truth about the alleged racist words.

– Nothing like that happened, it’s nonsense. I asked the players in the dressing room if anyone had offended English, but they replied that it was a lie – says a PZPN spokesman in an interview with Onet Sports.

Eventually, Kamil Click and Harry Maguire were penalized yellow cards for the break events. However, the poles could face very serious consequences if official FIFA operations are launched. Television broadcasting should explain everything. We wrote earlier that the British were “gathering evidence” against Polish footballers.

The match between Poland and England ended in a draw. After a goalless first half, the English opened the end of the match after a break after an amazing shot from Harry Kane, but Damien Shimasky equalized in the end. The Poles are currently third in their qualifying group, but favorites to finish in the play-offs.