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Dorota Sodeca has a photo of a meme 32 years ago and says: We still love

Dorota Sodeca has a photo of a meme 32 years ago and says: We still love

The stars, like many internet users, eagerly return to their previous years with their memories. From time to time, photos of their childhood or other important moments appear on social media. This happened, for example, when Marta Kulikovska posted a photo from his launch on TVN24. Recently, however, Dorota Sodeca made a trip to the past.

Dorota Sodeca and Radosau Pasura are in the photo 30 years ago

In the photo she posted, the actress is together with her husband Radosov Pasura. The two were then at a family reunion, which is evident from the description in the post. We can also learn from there that the shot is over 30 years old. Dorota Sodeca was dark then வோசி It must have been in a fern room, more than it is now.

My mother-in-law. We remember. Birth of #happy days with #wspomnienia #familytime #studenckiearzenia #niedziela #, as it was 32 years ago – he wrote.

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As expected, looking back attracted more interest from internet users. The audience of the actress was delighted with the released law. Many warm words were addressed to the spouses.

Always beautiful and young.

Mr. Rodek is passionate and loving. The audience wrote that we warmly greet you and wish you 32 years.

In response to comments, Dorota Sodeca, during the last event mentioned above, thanked and added:

I have to admit, we are in love now too!

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Life partners met while studying in acting school. During the conversation “Viva!” Radosya Pasura said that his fiance then sparked his interest a few years ago. Besides, not one of his. However, it was considered inaccessible. However, he decided to fight for her. They got married after being together for 14 years. Their wedding took place in Rome in 2003 during the Christmas holidays. Four years later, their daughter, Clara, was born.