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Sergei Zack spoke with Vozzevsky. They kicked him out of the farm twice

Cesari Zach was the guest of honor at Cuba Vozhevatsky’s show on Tuesday. He betrayed one of the secrets of the show Farms. No one knew this before.

Celery Sock He took his first steps on stage at the Współczesny Theater in Wroclaw. Then it’s time to perform in front of the camera. He soon began to appear in the series which began to gain popularity. For many years he was a regular guest at the settlement Caste Then he was one of the main stars Honey years I Farms.

Zack has gained a lot of fans over the years he has been in the media. He recently surprised them with his transformation. He lost more than 30 kilograms and, v Good morning TVN, A positive attitude and hope that it will be successful was helpful:

I can always count on my wife to do the same in the fight against obesity. My wife supported me with a kind word, encouraged me, and sometimes she was with me in the difficulties that came with it. To believe that you will succeed, it is important to have a good attitude. I hear similar voices from other obese people.

Cesare Zack in Czechoslovakia reveals one of the secrets Farms

On Tuesday, Zach was a guest on Kuba Wozniacki’s show. He mentioned the profession and stressed that he has been associated with his profession for a maximum of ten years. He then plans to take a decent pension:

I told Christina Janta that I would play with her for a maximum of ten years. In recent years I have been working hard with older actors. […] I can see how much it costs to train these old actors. I do not want to enjoy this.

In addition to Zack, the project also featured Vito Pampino and Agnieszka Vidocha. Cesare said he and the actress continue to meet at work. This surprised Kuba Wozniacki, who asked:

Do you really play often?

Cesari Zack joked about the leader’s words:

You see, research is weak, isn’t it?

Shortly afterwards, Vozhevatsky revealed one of the actor’s hidden secrets and revealed that he had been dropped from the series twice. Farm:

I am not surprised that you were evicted from this farm twice.

The actor confirmed this information:

This is true, it is true.

In this series we will remind you that Cesari Sock Farm He has been playing since 2006. He played the double role of twin brothers Powes and Piotr Cosio. In the scenes where the two brothers perform together, Robert Ostolsky plays a double role for him.

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