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"One in ten" This chapter will go down in history![WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

“One in ten” This chapter will go down in history![WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

This moment will definitely go down in “one in ten” history. Hosts of the game show – Tadeusz Sznuk – Break of the final match. At one point, the host was without questions, before almost everyone asked only one player!

“One in Ten” is a sporting event that has been hugely popular for many years. The first episode aired 27 years ago, but “dry age” does not prevent viewers from enjoying intellectual entertainment. What else, The latest news about the unknown future for “one in ten” caused a great stir among the fans of the show!

Will “One in Ten” return to TV? Everything is clear! The production report went to the network

Is this the end of the game show: “one in ten”? This is the question that began to resonate loudly and loudly among the audience of the show after the final episode of the previous series. Now the product itself addresses this issue by publishing it in the media …

Fortunately, the new season of “One in Ten” will appear on TV, and Dadius Snook will once again play the presenter. Behind us, the first episode of the next edition of the game show that ended unexpectedly. At one point, the handler had to finish the final game because he ran away without questions.

The 125th edition of “One in Ten” launched on Monday, September 6th. A new episode aired on DVB2, with its final match involving three players. It soon changed that this game would be completely different from previous games, all due to the tricks chosen by one; Mr. Tomas immediately took the lead, “taking” all the questions and giving the correct answers.

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“I haven’t seen anything like this in a long time”

Tomasz Orkovsky answered almost certainly the next question asked by Thaddeus Snook, thus leaving his team far behind. This is only a question from the genre: fashion brought him some difficulties and as a result allowed other players to join the game. Finally, Mr. Tomas scored 533 points, which is one of the historic results of the project.

The recording of this awesome game has already appeared on the web, and there is no recognition given to the individual participant of the social media show:

An excellent chapter, Mr. Respect to Tomas, a great result, peace and a lot of knowledge,

A mega episode and the main character Mr. Tomas – In my opinion, he is the main favorite of Grand Fina!

Good chapter. I haven’t seen anything like that in a long time. Congratulations to Mr. Thomas,

Mr. Tomas, what an amazing player !!! I’m so glad that such emotions and great players appeared in the first episode.

The opening ceremony of the new series is in full swing, one might say.

How do you like the finale of the new episode of “One in Ten”?

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