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Storm wind in Poland - why is it blowing so much?  Fujita levels of F2, CAPE energy and derecho

Storm wind in Poland – why is it blowing so much? Fujita levels of F2, CAPE energy and derecho

On the night and Thursday, the morning of February 17, a powerful storm formed and passed through Poland. As we read in the IMWM publication, such an event is characterized by the destructive winds of linear winds (winds unrelated to circulation). In addition, damage is seen in the country, which indicates the occurrence of several hurricanes. The system developed in Poland is called LEWP (Line Echo Wave System) in radar weather.

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Strong wind in Poland – why did it appear?

The Meteorological and Water Management Agency explains that there has been a lot of hot air on the front of the active cold recently. For this reason Winter storm systemsThe ones grown in Poland have more potential to create hurricanes.

“Beyond our western boundary, the scalpel line is still formed in the active low pressure bay associated with it I Dudley (Ylenia). Powered by powerful jet stream and most notable at this time of year Cape energy (Positive values ​​are convective instability, the formation of strong ascending currents and, consequently, the occurrence of storms – ed.), It quickly began to move towards Poland. In its path, it generated strong gusts of wind associated with massive emissions and downstreams, and it turns out – and more hurricanes “- IMGW adds.

“We know for sure that one of the catastrophes occurred in the vicinity of the city of Blessing Cyclones. This type of hurricane is associated with linear convection systems, usually formed at the junction of small and downstream currents and the strong arrival of warm air towards the storm. However, that does not mean they are not strong. The magnitude of the damage in the Dobrisica Commune is at least as strong as the Fujia’s F2 winds, “he added. F2 at the Fujida level Significant damages include the destruction of the roofs of houses, the overturning of train carriages, the destruction of trees or uprooting them, and the handling of light objects at high speeds.

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IMGW, Meso-loops on the squall front leading to hurricane development are recorded on radar in Poznań – almost 100 percent. Make sure it is a stalk in the Pleszew, and not a strong straight wind.

Cyclones in Pleszew and Smaszków. “As Armageddon went here”

Not just hurricanes. A strong downward current can also cause damage

Destruction is not only caused by a hurricane, it is very strong Downstream currents. As we read in the release, we will be dealing with this winter again Winter Terrego (Mesoscale is caused by the action of convection systems, which is an example of extreme weather events, including very severe winds).

“The timing of the event is also interesting. In Poland, hurricanes occur exclusively during the day, in winter it is not a bar. It is caused by warming in summer. The boundary layer is mainly isolated, and in winter, the dynamic infiltration of warm air associated with the deep center of low pressure” – IMGW Summary .

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