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Dziś przypada 94. rocznica urodzin dr. Michiakia Takahashiego. Japoński wirusolog opracował pierwszą szczepionkę przeciwko ospie wietrznej. Od tego czasu zastrzyk został podany milionom dzieci na całym świecie, jako skuteczny środek zapobiegający ciężkim przypadkom zakaźnej choroby wirusowej i jej przenoszeniu. Z okazji urodzin wizerunek medyka - przygotowany przez japońskiego artystę Tatsuro Kiuchi z Tokio -  pojawił się dziś w Google Doodle.

Michiaki Takahashi in Google Doodle. He was the one who developed the chicken box vaccine

Today is Dr. 94th Memorial Day. Michiakia Takahashi. The Japanese virologist developed the first chicken pox vaccine. Since then, millions of children around the world have been vaccinated as an effective measure to prevent the severe occurrence of the infectious virus and its spread. On his birthday, a picture of a doctor made by Tokyo-based Japanese artist Thatsuro Kyochi was released today on Google Doodle.

Michiaki Takahashi was born on February 17, 1928 in Osaka, Japan. He received his medical degree from the University of Osaka and joined the Institute of Microbiological Research at the University of Osaka in 1959.

When his son was severely attacked by the chicken box, he decided to use his knowledge to fight the most contagious disease.

Dr. Takahashi returned to Japan in 1965 and began cultivating chickenpox viruses alive in animal and human tissues. After five years of development, it is ready for clinical trials.

In 1974, Dr. Takahashi developed the first vaccine against the chickenpox virus. It has been subjected to rigorous testing with patients with immunodeficiency Was very effective.

In 1986, the Microbiological Research Foundation at the University of Osaka began to introduce the only varicella vaccine in Japan approved by the World Health Organization.

Dr. Takahashi’s life-saving vaccine was soon used in 80 countries. In 1994, he was appointed Director of the Microbiological Research Committee at the University of Osaka, which he held until his retirement. Thanks to his vaccine, millions of chicken box cases are prevented every year.

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Dr. Michiaki Takahashi passed away on December 16, 2013.

Google Doodle is a variation of the official Google logo for anniversaries, major events or holidays. The idea for the so-called doodle was born in 1998, long before the company was founded. At the time, the founders of Google were trying to mark their presence on the company logo at the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert. They put the festival logo behind the second “o” in the word Google. The updated logo aims to humorously inform users that the founders are out of the office.

Although the first doodle was very simple, the idea of ​​decorating the company logo to celebrate important events was born. Two years later, in 2000, Google founders asked webmaster Dennis Hwang to create a Bastille Day Doodle. The idea got so excited that doodles started appearing frequently on the Google homepage.