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ZAKSA Crushing Big Cuisine Loop Civitanova!  Crazy Match and Die Break

ZAKSA Crushing Big Cuisine Loop Civitanova! Crazy Match and Die Break

It should be a match to advance to the quarterfinals of the Champions League, and it was won without any major significance for Gruba Azotti Jaxa Ketzirsin-Koz. While it is worth saying goodbye to team level success against a large company, isn’t it? Coach Gheorghe Cretu and his players set themselves such a task on Wednesday.

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“I hope Grbić will take the boys to fight for higher goals”

The best ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle! Special performance by a Polish band in Italy

If anyone is looking for a moment that reflects how the game was, he should watch the third set. Until then, it was 1: 1 – In the first set, the Kędzierzyn players eventually won 25:22 using three points, with the second Cuisine Loop Civitanova drawing four points from 21:21. Sports. But the third party joined the Polish team. And the speed with which he won it and the spectacular action can be achieved through many whole meetings.

ZAKSA in the Champions League quarterfinals! And she didn’t even come out on the dance floor. Horror in Pazardzhik

“The sheep all went out” – wrote the official ZAKSA profile on Twitter. OK – this is a great show. He had two sets of balls leading up to Loop 24:21, but the Italians did not use any of them. And the Kędzierzyn crowd was playing as if in a trance. They scored four points in a row and got their own set.

David Smith sent a firecracker from the service, only Libero Loop, Fabio Palazzo gave the ball to Jaxa on the other side, where Kamil Semeniuk and Marcin Janus used it. Semeniuk gave it to the quarterback, backed away, and Janus played him on the left wing. He beat Ricardo Lucarelli on the host block and Andrea Marcicio on defense to give Poland a 2-1 lead throughout the match.

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Seminyak dropped bombs, Hooper blocked Simon, and loops of Loop players dropped.

However, the Polish team did not finish the game in four sets, in February last year, beating Lube 3-1 in the first quarter of the Champions League. In the fourth set, ZAKSA only got off to a good start. Then, from 17:16, the hosts did not lose the lead and ended with a score of 25:21. As is often the case in ZAKSA’s matches with the loop, there was a tie-break.

In it, like the whole game: Norbert Hooper in the middle had fun on the block, Robert Landy stopped Simon, Kamil Semeniuk sowed bombs from the service field and made aces, and Alexander Olivka added more points on the wing. On the other hand, either Ivan Zaitsev or Ricardo Lucarelli, at times, made almost no mistakes and praised the next actions of the European club champions, taking their jaws off the dance floor. ZAKSA confirmed that it still exists. In the first ten tie-break points, he allowed the loop to hit two. Knock out. It is a masterpiece of Gheorghe Cretu volleyball.

In the end, at the tie-break, ZAKSA defeated their rivals 15:10 to win 3: 2. The Great Loop once again had to worship the poles. Of course, the Gianlorenzo Blengini team was already safe from first place in the group for the quarterfinals and played only for sowing. But she did not get it, and will have to wait for the end of the match between Berlin Recycling Wallis and Janet St. Petersburg on Thursday. If Germany wins, the loop will go without seed. The Italian media also wrote before the meeting that “success will prevent future mishaps”. Now they can’t say for sure.

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Wilfred Leon works with Nikola Grbic at Sir Safety PerugiaWilfredo Lyon’s best game in the Champions League

Promotion was confirmed by victory. This victory is ZAKSA’s signal to competitors

The meeting with Loop Sox began when he was resolved to advance to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The Kędzierzyn players left the team without playing in the sixth game, which would determine whether they could be in the top three teams from second place, which guaranteed promotion to the next level. Competitors helped.

First, Dynamo Moscow beat Jirat Benghazi Ankara 3-0, then Hepbazzartzik won 3-2 after the horror and knocked out the Belgians’ chance to overtake ZAKSA and exit the Champions League after the Turks. And Kędzierzyn’s players, even though they still played a tough match in Italy, were able to breathe in their excitement because the quarter-final was sure for them.

Due to the determination not to snatch the promotion for the quarterfinals from them, the ZAKSA players played very relaxed and they looked more confident. So they created another little volleyball holiday for themselves. Because defeating a loop-like force is always like that. And the promotion only knocked – confirming that they were fully qualified to enter the top eight next season in Europe. They came there for the third time in a row.

A huge revenue potential for the Polish volleyball team.  Due to the World CupA huge revenue potential for the Polish volleyball team. Due to the World Cup

This victory is a signal to ZAKSA that every competitor they face in the next round of the Champions League. The residents of Kędzierzyn-Koźle have a great desire to repeat the success of last season, and they are proving it more and more. They do not look weaker than they were a year ago. On Friday [losowanie o 13:00 – red.] It remains to be seen who will be scared in the quarterfinals.

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