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Piłkarze Niemiec, czterokrotni mistrzowie świata, jako pierwsi awansowali z kwalifikacji do przyszłorocznego mundialu w Katarze. Będzie to ich 20. występ w turnieju finałowym. Udział w nim zapewnili sobie wygrywając w Skopje z Macedonią Północną 4:0.

Qatar qualifies for World Cup The Germans were the first to be promoted

Four-time world champions German footballers have advanced from qualifying for next year’s World Cup in Qatar. This is their 20th appearance in the final. They secured a place in Northern Macedonia by winning 4: 0 in Skopje.

One of the biggest surprises of the current qualifiers was the defeat of the Germans at home (1: 2) to the Macedonians in March. On Monday, coach Hansie Flick’s team, which took over representation from Joachim Loew after the European Championships, competed again. Won 4-0. All goals came in the second half – a goal for London Chelsea players three-armed Haywards and Timo Werner (two) and Jamal Mucila.

Armenia, who are second in the group in Germany (21 points), will not be happy with the promotion if they beat Romania. In Bucharest, however, the hosts were leading 1-0, thanks to which they are now in second place and very close to the game in the spring play-offs.

Romania has 13 points and Armenia
Whoever starts to qualify big has not won five matches And Northern Macedonia – after 12 p.m.

They can also enjoy Monday advertising BelgiansThose who did not play in this series, who played in the final of the League of Nations, finished fourth. The leader of Group E is lucky to lose points WalesHowever – without Captain Gareth Bale – Tollin was defeated Estonia 1-0.

Belgium and Welsh have two games to play, divided by five points. Islanders can boast of the same accomplishments Czech (11 points each), but coach Jaroslav Sylvie’s team still played one match.

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Fighting for the top spot in Group G is not slow Dutch I Norwegians. “Orange” smashed Gibraltar 6: 0, including. After two wins by Memphis Debay, a penalty was wasted, and the Scandinavians were weakened by the absence of Erling Holland, after a goal from Mohamed Elioniஸ – Southampton FC’s John Bednarek’s Club Saga – 2-0 win over Montenegro.

It is 19 points behind the Netherlands and two points behind Norway. He did not give up the fight for the first two places TurkeyShe won in Riga Latvia She lost the first goal in the 2: 1, 70th minute. The decisive goal was scored by Purak Yilmas from the penalty spot in the ninth minute of extra time.

There was a long surprise in Osijek, where Croatia Eventually she tied up Slovakia 2: 2. The guests took a 2: 1 lead, and a goal was scored by Lecia Gdask player Lucas Haraslin, but Luca Modric scored a point for the hosts.

Loss of points leads the 2018 World Runners Group RussiaThe winner away from Slovenia 2: 1.Currently, “Sborna” has two more points. Everything indicates that the first level and direct promotion will be determined by the direct clash of these teams in the final round qualifiers on November 14th.

Denmark’s players, who have won all seven of their matches so far and have yet to score a goal, could be promoted on Tuesday. The British in the “Polish” group are also close to the goal. In a fight that would often determine second place, the whites and reds would play albania in Tirana, which is one point higher.

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