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TVB reported on Sunday's protests.  Striped madness: "Ivory attacks Polish sovereignty"

TVB reported on Sunday’s protests. Striped madness: “Ivory attacks Polish sovereignty”

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Wanda Trasik-Stovska first Pekivich: Be quiet, stupid, finisher! Europe is my mother

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The capital, City Hall, estimates that between 80,000 and 100,000 people took part in the October 10 demonstration in Fort Square in Warsaw.

– Polish tribunal, in violation of the Polish constitution, on the orders of the leader of the ruling party, a group of people in disguise dressed as judges decided to lead our homeland from the European Union – Donald Dusk told the protesters that part of the disagreement with the verdict of the Constitutional Tribunal on Thursday.

Expressions “we depend”. This is how the poles protest [GALERIA]

Demonstration in Fort Square by the eyes of TVB information: Ivory attacks Polish sovereignty

On Sunday, at 6.00 pm, the expression “We are staying” began in Fort Square in Warsaw. During the conference, many spoke, including former Prime Minister Lessek Miller, European MP Robert Pietro, Warsaw Rise Wanda Trasic-Stavska, former Ombudsman Adam Botner or leading politicians including Donald Dusk. The DVB information series refers to the demonstration with “lines” in which, instead of updating from the site of the struggle, you can read bold statements:

  • “Ivory attacks Polish sovereignty”;
  • “Platform relinquishes Polish sovereignty”;
  • “This is Tarkovika’s protest against institutionalization”;
  • “Struggle against the Polish Constitution”;
  • “Polish Constitution and German Dominance”.

Donald Dusk during the struggle: The ruling party decided to remove Poland from the European Union

On Thursday, October 7, the Constitutional Tribunal approved a motion by Prime Minister Mattus Moravici stating that the terms of the agreement on the European Union were unconstitutional in Poland. On the same day, Civic Platform leader Donald Dusk appealed to “all those who want to defend European Poland” to take part in Sunday’s demonstration. As a result, protests took place in more than 120 cities around Poland and around the world, the largest of which took place in Warsaw.

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– My name is Donald Dusk, a pole who was elected by European nations seven years ago as President of the Council of Europe. They were chosen out of respect for Poland, out of respect for our difficult and beautiful path to independence, and for Europe. They chose you out of respect, so let no one be surprised that I am obligated at the crucial moment to raise the alarm by decisions made by the pseudo-tribunal, the ruling party, without blaming or concealing anything. Poland decided to leave the country.

Donald Tusk during a demonstration in Fort Square on 10.10.2021“We stay”. Ivory: The fake tribunal decided to expel Poland from the EU