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Austria Vienna also missed the opening of the Bundesliga against Red – Football كرة

Another setback for Vienna Austria!

After failing to open the European Cup during the week, “Veilchen” admitted a 1:2 bankruptcy at SV Ried at the start of the new Bundesliga season.

Wiener Austria can’t produce anything serious from Ried’s good start, and the only chance to score in the first half goes to the “Vikings” account: new player Seifeddine Chebé heads into the arms of Patrick Pentz from a promising position in the 30th minute.

After changing sides, the game really speeds up: firstly, German Bundesliga newcomer Philipp Bommer leaves a great opportunity (47th place). Shortly thereafter, Ante Bajic improved it by raising Patrick Bentz and putting the “Vikings” ahead after a dream pass by Stefan Notz (56th place).

The highlight of the match came in the 67th minute, when Daniel Offenbacher hit a free kick from 25 meters for the supposed initial decision (67).

But Vienna Austria is back in action after Benedict Pichler’s Joker goal – the 24-year-old headed Jokic’s cross over the line (75). “Veilchen” can no longer equalize despite his last attack, Samuel Sahin-Radlinger has to make a powerful save with a ball from Suttner (87th place).

After the first round, Austria is ninth in front of Altach, Rapid and SK. Sturm, while Reed is third.

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The first half is quiet

In contrast to his appearance in the second qualifying round of the Conference League on Thursday, Austrian coach Schmid put his faith in three summer additions from the start. In addition to right back Marvin Martins and attacking player Manfred Fischer, center back Lukas Muhl started this time. Four of the newcomers can be seen in Red’s dress – Ten Blavotik, Felix Seewald, Leo Micic and Seifeddine Shabi.

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The Vienna team tried very hard to shape the game at Josko Arena, but they couldn’t get past the lead. Innviertler can not cause any danger, both teams mostly neutralize each other. It took until the 30th minute before the hit appeared in the air for the first time. After Offenbacher’s free kick, Xabi hit a header in the penalty area, and Austria goalkeeper Patrick Bentz was on the post. Chebbi was wounded in a duel, but was able to continue playing with a turban. The guests only had half a chance in the first half, so Suttner’s cross found no outlet (45th place).

The goal of the dream decides the game

After the start of the second half, the crowd offered so much more, after just over 30 seconds, Rider Philip Bomer, who was substituted at the break, reached the end of 13 metres, but missed the case. On the other hand, Martins attempted a left-footed shot (ranked 55). On the other hand, the ball fell into the goal after a beautiful action. The Bajic was used by the head of Chabbi and direct charging from Stefan Nutz, who beat out the Pentz. The rescue of Christian Schwazenegger on the line was unsuccessful. For Bajic, it was the next significant event in a week when he extended his contract until 2024.

Then the hosts wanted to seal the bag. Chebbi (61) missed 2-0, which Offenbacher succeeded in. The former Lithuanian Legion inflicted a free kick that was kicked over the wall from about 25 meters into Kruzek. The fact that the deficit did not rise was thanks to George Tegel, who saved from Boomer who was willing to pay back in (70). Almost out of nowhere, the guests made the game exciting again. After Suttner’s wing, Pichler emerged as the “Joker” and hit a diving header worth watching.

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Suttner himself scored the equalizer in the 87th minute, as his sudden shot was blocked by Shaheen Radlinger with his knee (87). With a bit of luck, Red also survived the final attack by Schmid’s forces. Austria travels to Iceland with the next setback to an external duel with Predablik on Thursday.