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Austria Vienna: What Manfred Schmid wants from Marco Djurisen – football

Whoever scores two hits in a game is often in the spotlight.

But not only his double set, including a dream goal, which coach Marco Djuresen praised Manfred Schmid after Austria’s 2-2 draw at Sturm Graz.

“It’s not just about the goals, but the way he follows himself, how he helps the team, how he pushes them, how he moves, how he manages,” said the fully satisfied 50-year-old. With the goalkeeper’s performance at the old workplace in Graz-Liebenau.

Schmid continues: “My idea in football is that I have ten field players who put everything on the field for the team and for the club, and no one is going to stand up.”

“That’s what I asked of him, I had a lot of conversations with him,” it was necessary to sharpen the initial cooperation between the coach and the striker.

Video: A wild match in Sturm against Austria

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More possible ascent

Deorissen was also not fit at 100 per cent at the start of the season: “I also think he still has potential. But he’s a good and good player in front of goal, you can see again against Sturm.”

Additionally, the 28-year-old is “no idiot”. At least that’s how he explains why he’s not encouraged after both goals – gratitude still to Sturm, where he was under contract from summer 2013 to January 2015, is still pretty impressive.

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“You can see he’s getting on really well, doing well and now he’s a hundred percent member of the team again and he’s fitting in really well.”

Manfred Schmid

His eleven goals with black and white in fall 2014 is the last season he scored in double digits to date. Unsuccessful at Red Bull Salzburg, he began a journey across Europe with stops at Brentford, Ferencvaros, Grasshopper and Karlsruhe.

Austria returned to Austria at the beginning of February. On the other hand, the new season did not start without critical tones from the striker, who did not seem entirely happy either with the overall purple status or his role.

What made Djuresin unhappy

“We’ve lost matches, missed scoring opportunities, and been substituted. These are all things that make an aspiring player unsatisfied,” explains sympathetic Schmid.

“It’s clear, I know that and I have absolutely no problem if a player expresses their opinion.”

The bottom line is that dissatisfaction does not become chronic and that you are back on the positive path. This should have worked out at the latest with the performance in Graz with its second and third season goals.

Schmid: “You can see he’s getting along really well and doing well and now he’s a 100 percent member of the team again and he’s fitting in really well.”