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Avoid meeting Taliban men educating girls

Avoid meeting Taliban men educating girls

The Taliban presented the meeting as an opportunity for thousands of representatives from various Afghan regions and villages to present how the country is governed, but when the meeting ended on Saturday, the Taliban’s doctrine was only repeated. Among other things, he stated that Sharia should be fully accepted.

“By the grace of God, the Islamic regime has come to rule Afghanistan,” the closing statement read.

“We do not only stand behind it, but we also defend it. We believe that it is a national and religious duty for the whole country,” she added.

No specific recommendations were made about how the Taliban should rule the country in crisis – and no mention was made of girls’ education.

A Taliban source said before the meeting that girls’ education issues were likely to be raised. But the last rhetoric was merely phrasing that the government should pay special attention to modern education and minority rights “in light of Islamic law.”

Since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, older girls have not been allowed to go to school, and women have been denied many rights.

The Taliban also banned non-religious music and demanded that television channels stop broadcasting films and series that show women who are not veiled. The men were commanded to wear traditional clothes and let their beards grow.

Neither journalists nor women were allowed to attend the meeting.