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Despite her acquittal – Ola Penny was stuck in Ecuador

On January 31, after four years of legal uncertainty, in which the trial was repeatedly canceled and postponed, Ola Bini appeared in court in Quito for closing arguments.

As for TT, he made it clear before that that he expected a conviction. But after 11 hours of negotiations and a few more hours of deliberation, the court declared the Swede acquitted of all charges.

written judgment It was expected within two weeks, after which the parties would have three days to appeal. Almost two months later, the verdict is still awaiting.

There is a familiar pattern of stalling, believes Thomas Bodstrom, Ola Bini’s legal representative in Sweden.

– It’s been the same all along, they’re doing a huge thing about it. We’ve pointed this out several times, but it was very difficult to understand the Ecuadorian system, he says.

has through An Ecuadorian colleague has received a letter that the attorney general and state communications company CNT are appealing the verdict. However, a formal appeal cannot be filed until the court issues a written judgment.

Meanwhile, restrictions remain on the 40-year-old, whose bank accounts have been frozen and he has not been allowed to leave the country for four years.

He was releasing them on the grounds that he had an acquittal. It should be a normal result, says Thomas Bodstrom.

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