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The former Finnish minister and party leader is on a Russian propaganda trip

Former leader of the Green League and former Minister of Labor Taria Kronberg He traveled at the expense of the Russian state to attend a propaganda conference in Kaliningrad. Candid reports.

The review was conducted by Expressen in cooperation with independent Estonian, Lithuanian, German and Russian media as well as with Finnish Iltalehti.

The conference was organized at the end of April this year. It was arranged on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant Who was born in Kaliningrad, then Königsberg.

Part of the conference was the “Baltic Platform”, which was previously revealed to be a Russian influence operation. The aim is to send criticism to NATO and messages on how to make the Baltic Sea demilitarized, according to documents leaked from Russia.

The conference was opened with a personal telegram from the President Russian President Vladimir Putin. The video recording then shows how Kronberg and the other participants stand during the Russian national anthem.