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Pim van Dorpel was proposed as the new president

Pim van Dorpel was proposed as the new president

LO Conference The selection committee has done a lot of work ahead of the LO conference next weekend. All four positions in management must be filled. They now submitted their proposals and Pim van Dorpel was proposed for president.

– I'm looking forward to putting LO on the agenda with this team, he tells Dagens Arena.

On Monday evening, LO presented the Election Commission's proposal on the administrative positions to be filled at the conference next weekend. There has been a lot of speculation about the position of Chairman of the Board in particular, but it is now clear that it will be Pim van Doorpel, who is currently Vice Chairman of the Hotel and Restaurant Federation, HRF.

-It's a very fun feeling and I feel proud to be the selection committee's proposal. I'm looking forward to putting LO on the agenda with this team again, he told Dagens Arena.

Your name hasn't been in speculation yet, how do you feel about that?

– Perhaps it is surprising given that I am a relatively unknown name to many, but the selection committee seemed to like the way I think.

What can you contribute?

– I bring with me experiences from working with members of small and medium-sized enterprises where workers often suffer from fragile conditions.

For the other positions, the selection committee proposes Louise Olsson, currently Vice-President of Elektrikerna, for the position of First Vice-President, Jessica Leding, currently Union Secretary, as Second Vice-President, and Veli-Pekka Säikkälä, currently Contracts Secretary of IF Metall, for the position of Second Vice-President. Contracts Secretary and Third Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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There were many names on the agenda for the position of president. Among the other candidates, Malin Ackholt, president of the Human Rights Organization, and Elisabeth Brandt Egemann, advisor to the LO, were among the front-runners. Bringing proposals this close to Congress is not normal. The current president, Susanna Gaydonsson, announced in January that she would not continue working for personal reasons. Developing proposals was described as laborious in this round and therefore took longer than in other years.

The conference will be held in Stockholm on May 17-20, and there four people will be elected to fill these positions.

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