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Security experts: Russia may be behind the attack on elderly care

Security experts: Russia may be behind the attack on elderly care

Security expert and former computer hacker Andrei Catri believes that Russian actors are behind it Attack on aged care.

– Most likely it was Russian. If it is not a ransomware attack, then one has to ask the question, “Who benefits from creating chaos in Sweden?” And then the answer will be a state representative, he says.

Katri believes that the goal is to ensure that citizens lose faith in society.

– They attack the vulnerabilities they happen to find, and now that happens to be the security alert, says Andre Catrey

He wants to cause anxiety

IT security expert Marcus Murray also believes Russia is responsible for the attack and shares the view that it was an attempt to destabilize Swedish society.

– It creates informational power and can then deliver a reinforced message to citizens, that we as Swedes should feel insecure, says Marcus Murray who works with IT security at Truesec.

Marcus Murray uses it to investigate attacks against municipalities and public activities and tells us that there is a growing trend of attacks on important social functions.

– I think it’s very tragic that vulnerable people in our society are preyed upon, so my reaction was very strong.

You need to raise the requirements

In order to prevent IT attacks, he believes, municipalities should place greater demands on their suppliers in terms of IT security.

Municipalities and public services have them, but do suppliers of security alarms have the same requirements, for example? The most important thing is to ensure that they have acceptable basic protection and the next step is to have a community that has measures in place and needs support, because you also have to remember that they are also victims of crime.

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Hear from IT security expert Marcus Murray about the Security Alert attack