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Bad snow falls when the Tour de Ski moves to Oberstdorf

Obersdorf. 14 degrees plus, sunshine and green fields surrounding the artificial snow tracks.

This is what the skiers were met with when the Tour de Ski moved to Oberstdorf.

– It’s absolutely crazy that it’s January 2nd, you think it’s April and the spring race, says Maja Dahlqvist.

The sunshine was bracing as the riders were doing some fun practice Monday afternoon.

Loose trails on the slopes are quickly becoming a topic of conversation and that can cause bruising, especially on downhill slopes.

– It will be a special competition of a different kind. When it’s loose, you have to be on the cutting edge, but it’s the same for everyone,” says William Buroma.

– It’s a hard slope. Obviously when you have a heart rate of 195 and you’re there at the top and it’s important to be able to get on your feet going down the slope, it can be exciting, says Norwegian superstar Johannes Hosflotte Klabo.


The weather is often talked about when it comes to Oberstdorf.

– You never know what you’ll get when you come here. There have been snow drifts, there have been storms and there has been fair weather, says Simien Hegstad-Kruger, and continues:

– It is clear that these are special conditions in which to compete. I thought it was weird coming here yesterday and feeling the high winds that met us here, you don’t associate it with skiing, but the trails were surprisingly good.

The snow in the German resort is concentrated on the tracks. Everywhere there are green fields and muddy mud.

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– It’s so crazy that it’s January 2nd, you think it’s April and the spring race. We have to hope they cross path together, Maja Dahlqvist says.

“cow weather”

Frida Carlson loves the weather.

– It’s kind of the same weather as when I was here last fall, but I love this weather. I love the warmth and today the weather was fine, she says and continues:

– Liked this before. Everyone came in and was like, “Oh,” but I thought it felt good.

Now riders hope it can be salted before competitions. A decision will not be announced until Tuesday morning.

– Maybe we’ll see some rubbish there, but I hope it’s not me who smokes. I hope they salt it so it’s tough. When it gets as loose as it is today, the ski just snaps. Then Kali Halvarson says it’s a little disgusting.