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Baggage chaos in Arlanda – “Scandal”

Published on 01/08/2024 22.00

Helena Kvist and her family waited to receive their bags for more than two hours.

When the air travelers landed at Arlanda Airport late Sunday evening, they were not greeted with their luggage.

Instead, they waited for their bags for more than two hours.

– It was a complete mess. Children were screaming and people were exhausted and tired, says air traveler Helena Kvist.

Arriving in Arlanda at 23.00, Helena Kvist and her family were hoping to receive their bags smoothly and quickly after the flight delay. But this was not true.

More and more people gathered at the baggage handlers, but the delivery of the bags was delayed.

“It was very frustrating because we didn't get any information,” says Helena Kvist.

She described the mood becoming increasingly depressed. Many of the children were tired, screaming and crying. Many people were sitting or lying down and sleeping on the floor.

– People were upset and had questions, but no one was asking them. The yellow vests were working for other airlines, and the rest of the employees were not aware of what was going on.

“Total chaos”

Another traveler who was surprised by the chaotic atmosphere was Victor, who traveled from London with his partner.

-We landed in Arlanda at 00.30 and it was quite chaotic as we passed. “Fortunately, we only had hand luggage so we could get out right away,” says Victor.

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– I feel sorry for everyone who sat there at midnight on Sunday and waited several hours to get their bags. It doesn't have to be this way.

After a long period of uncertainty, staff at the site finally informed travelers that the delay was due to staff shortages and problems with the luggage carts.

Helena's 7-year-old son, Ludwig, slept on the floor while they waited.

The airport apologizes for the wait

Some were contemplating whether they should leave without their bags and go home, Helena Kvist says. But they hesitated because they didn't know if the bags would roll and then they waited all the time unnecessarily.

Sometime between 01:30 and 02:00, the Kvist family got their bags and were able to return home.

-I think it's a scandal. “How could they not have enough staff and manage it better?” says Helena Kvist.

Swedavia, which runs Arlanda Airport, confirms that there were longer waiting times for baggage at night over the weekend.

The airport, of course, regrets this. This was due to a temporary staff shortage at one of the ground handling companies, but they have now confirmed that the issue has been resolved. “Passengers should have been offered delivery of their luggage home if they did not have the opportunity to wait for their luggage,” says Eileen Loren, press officer at Swedavia.

Swedavia refers further questions to ground handling company Aviator.