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Special export credit guarantees for Ukraine –

As a result of the Russian invasion, Ukraine is in desperate need of support from the outside world in its reconstruction efforts. There is also a great need for support so that effective economic activity can be maintained at all levels of society.

The business sector can play an important role in building and maintaining economic activity in Ukraine. Swedish companies can contribute world-class expertise and products and thus have an important role in this work, either by establishing new collaborations or by continuing previous involvement. However, high risk exposure is a barrier for companies to export to Ukraine.

Given the very high level of uncertainty and risks associated with doing business in Ukraine today, companies have requested export credit guarantees to insure against the risk of non-payment.

According to current regulations, issuing guarantees for export business to Ukraine is associated with very great difficulties.

For this reason, this memorandum proposes a new regulation on special export credit guarantees for Ukraine. The new regulatory framework would enable the provision of guarantees for export business under the current circumstances. It is proposed that the Export Credit Council become the authority to issue such export credit guarantees.

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